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Updated: Apr 15, 2018

In the following article we will review a number of basic concepts taken from aeronautics and air transport in order to simplify for you a number of processes that are delivered on a daily basis.

The world of shipments in general and the world of air shipments in particular, contains a number of basic concepts necessary for understanding so that we as customers can follow the shipping process closely and we can carefully plan our steps before ordering a product and shipping to the stage of receiving the shipment and beginning the customs process in the destination country of the goods.

So what concepts are there and why is it important that we know them?

  1. INVOICE: An invoice is a binding document representing a good or service delivered to a customer and received a monetary consideration. The invoice represents the type of merchandise and the quantity represented by it or alternatively the service sold to the customer. Note: In order to start a customs clearance process, you must present your invoice to the customs authorities or to your customs agent and not another document such as an order or a quotation.

  2. PACKING LIST: A Packing List also knows as PL, is a document that contains information about the goods, how many boxes are packed, and how much each box weighs. The Packing List enables the enforcement and customs authorities, the shipping company and the customer to obtain information about the goods and what they contain and the possibility of identifying the goods in an easy and convenient manner.These details help each of these parties handle the package accordingly.


  4. CARGO


  6. AWB

  7. IATA


  9. ETD

  10. ATD

  11. ATA

  12. ETA

  13. ETT

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