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Shenzhen accelerates shipments in 2020, what does this mean for us?

Let's start with a 2019 summary

If we are to sum up 2019, it is said to have been a successful and packed year of experiences, a year that we have grown, expanded, added a tier of amazing staff, care, service and attractiveness have improved wonderfully, and in general, we have enjoyed what we do.

2020 is fast approaching, and this is exactly the right time to plan transport operations for the upcoming new year.

As we enter the New Year, we have signed a number of cooperation agreements with some of the largest international shipping companies. We have worked on the smart system for tracking and handling customer shipments and have improved waiting and handling times exceptionally well.

So what has changed in the shipping industry in 2020 and how does it affect me?

Well, it should be understood that a significant change in the frequency of flights and routes at the different airlines inevitably resulted in a change in schedules and the way we can use logistics loading space. In contrast, with the increase in requests for international shipping from Shenzhen (both sea and air freight), coupled with the increase in the provision of logistics services have resulted in real and tough competition in a narrow and relatively rigid field. In other words, the market price for logistics and shipping services is almost the same (if it is a Fair Supplier), but the heart of the matter is more focused today than ever in service and convenience. For those of you who have been in the business for some time, know and are aware that they were willing to pay more in order to allow themselves to sleep quietly.

Shipping from Shenzhen in 2020 has become smarter.

Shipping from China has never been easier.

If you've come to this part of the article, you probably understand and live the industry, you actually also know that fast, smooth, seamless delivery along with exceptional service is not an obvious thing in the industry. The flow of goods and freight forwarding is part of a company's success or failure, so we decided to take the service one step further. Shipping from China to all over the world has increased significantly from year to year, so it is inevitable that market needs will change and grow according to demand.

May it be a year of success, growth, and wide open oceans and skies.

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