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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Forwarding and exporting from China has never been easier. Smart systems to control, help customers understand their needs better, special deals and competitive prices lead the market to a place it has never been to before.

It is no secret that China has been leading the world in exports of goods from all over the country to anywhere on the globe.

Shanghai and Shenzhen have become major players when it comes to shipping goods in international exports, one of the reasons for this is the significant increase in the production of goods in these two cities in recent years. Shanghai has long been a major trade port for all the provinces in the region, while Shenzhen has become China's electronics and high-tech capital within a few decades, with about 90% controlling the market share of electronics in the world.


Shenzhen has become China's electronics and high-tech capital with about 90% controlling the market share of electronics in the world.”

As a result, exports from these ports have grown in recent years in particularly high numbers. #Shenzhen #Shipping International shipping from Shenzhen is no small matter. When you want to ship goods, you should do this according to local regulations, while maintaining business interests and especially competitive shipping prices.

Shipping from Shenzhen as you never knew before

Shipping from China is quite simple. The problem is that in recent years many people and companies have realized the potential and decided to take advantage of the public's lack of knowledge when shipping goods.

This caused chaos in the industry and a multitude of amateurs who only wanted to make money dishonestly. One of our most ambitious projects at MiCargo International was to create a transparent system that could meet all of our customers and make them an integral part of the international shipping process.

Shipping from Shenzhen - The costs and the Service:

On the practical level, there is a critical piece to assemble the puzzle when it comes to international shipping and in general. The first is the service, the other is the price.

Why does the service come first? Most of us have already realized that we are willing to pay a little more for exceptional service. In addition, what's worth a cheap price when it requires us to constantly engage in the process itself and takes us valuable time worth ... right, money.

However, there is no doubt that price is an important and central factor in shipping. In transporting goods, and as part of a company's attempt to lead any product from one country to another, the idea of saving costs is a central part of the company's calculation of purchasing a product. As a shipping services company, we will ensure the perfect combination of these two components until you achieve the harmony of international shipping as you have never seen before.

For more details on shipping from China or Shenzhen to anywhere in the world, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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